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Culinary skills are of great importance on many levels, especially for people living alone or preparing to leave the family home, to learn how to cook many benefits, such as reducing the cost rate, so that you can cook will provide food fast, you will get healthier meals and that will contribute to weight loss.

Cooking, delicious art that has many types and how to apply it in different countries and cultures, each country has a different cooking method and granulated ingredients that express the culture of the country, but there are simple rules and basic principles to be learned as a start, then comes self-development of skills:
Get the right tools to make the cooking process easier and smoother.

Such as wooden kitchen spoons, stirring spoons, pots, pans, trays, and whipping tools, and you should buy a good quality kitchen knife because poor quality knives can make the cutting process difficult.
Pay attention to the types of flavors in the food and what each one of them does, and use each one in the proper way and quantity, since the flavor and seasoning method is the basis of the delicious flavor.
Such as salt and black pepper, fresh and dried herbs (such as wild thyme, rosemary or rosemary, fresh and dried coriander, basil, parsley, etc.) and oils that add a finishing touch to dishes (such as olive oil, oil Sesame), sour flavors (lemon juice) Vinegar, pomegranate molasses)
• Be careful and don’t rush, because the cooking process requires regulation and calm, especially if there are several tasks and cooks.

The most important tip:
You have to follow the heads of different cultures and countries, they have experience and mastery and their qualities are the best after your mother’s recipes, of course.
Thanks to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, you will find everything delicious and varied; Many influencers in the kitchen field, some of them are famous and have a long history and a large audience, and some of them are people who share their experiences with cooking and each has their way of creating their content.

We will start with the most important international and Arab sites to learn how to cook:
What distinguishes cooking places is the diversity, the multiplicity of options, and recipes, all in one place.

We  start with the most global websites to learn cooking:

BBC good food

My Fridge Food

Budget food

All Recipes

Serious Eats

Salted TV

Here are some cooking accounts from Instagram recipes:

Buzz feed Tasty

Tasty Junior

So yummy

Food Network


Ideas food tips

Healthy fitness meals

Here are some of the most important international chefs on YouTube:

Gordon Ramsay

Jamie Oliver

Emery Lagasse

Histon Elemental

Giada disoriented

Nigella Lawson

Curtis Stone

Marco Pierre White

Laura Vital


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