You Shouldn’t Share this On Social Media

Many Thinks We Need to thought two times Before share  On Social Media

Social media help us to access the latest news from your friends and family, stay informed about what’s going on in the world, and share the details of your life with others. But there’s a clear concern as to what those websites do with our data we share with them, as we indirectly provide a lot of information that these sites exploit by targeting the advertisements that you see on their home page.

Here’re 6 Things You Shouldn’t Be Sharing On Social Media :

1-Website Data:

In addition to your smartphone that tracks GPS coordinates, the browser can also obtain location data based on your IP address or connection accounts, where you can determine your geographic location by placing a label on your messages indicating your location. So before publishing to a social network, make sure to automatically extract data from your site and deactivate it before publishing, as there is no reason to share your site on each publication.
Besides, the photos you share on social media contain metadata that shows the exact location of the photoshoot, putting your privacy at risk.

2- Travel plans :

By sharing details of your next trip, such as a weekend with the family, perhaps an explicit invitation to thieves to steal your home, because you never know who can see this information and use it incorrectly, and maintain their security, it does not share any details or images of your trip Until you return.

3- Complaints and personal problems :

Social media isn’t the place to voice your concerns, so if you want to file a complaint about your manager, coworkers, or family, don’t use these sites at all, as you can’t be sure to everyone will not see these messages.

4- New expensive purchases:

Many people like to post photos of their new toys or purchases on social media, like a new phone, laptop, car, TV, or whatever.
However, posting such messages can contribute to a personal problem if you don’t get the number of likes you want or if you receive offensive reviews, which makes you unhappy.
and maybe you become vulnerable to theft by some jealous people.

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