Men Feel When They Are Led By Women At Work?!!

Experts point out that men are often unenthusiastic about taking on leadership roles for women, and this is mainly due to the higher level of competition. Today, the modern man is forced to compete with women, although it is not easy, according to a report published by the Russian site “News. Rey”.
Several decades ago, the presence of a woman in an administrative position was very rare. Currently in Russia, for example, one in five women runs a business.
Women also play a leadership role in the current family life. In this sense, the Russian psychologist Valentin Denisov Melnikov talks about how men feel when they are under the authority of women.

Men think they are superior to women.

The website quoted the Russian psychologist as saying that it was easy for a man to accept the presence of a male chief and that it was not difficult for him to follow his orders, adding: “Having a woman to a leadership position is very difficult for a lot of people. men. Therefore, they find it difficult to obey a woman. “Many men think that they are automatically superior to women simply because they are men. “
According to the expert, most men find it easier to interact with their leaders because they think that they generally have common characteristics, interests, and perspectives.

Men also believe that by working with male leaders, it is easy to meet them in a cafe or anywhere outside of work and to solve some work-related problems. On the other hand, when it comes to women leaders, this cannot be done, and men should systematically treat them only within the framework of professionalism.
Melnikov pointed out that women have a set of attributes that men generally cannot appreciate. Experts believe that most women are more diligent and better able to concentrate and that women are less likely to be distracted by special factors at work, especially those in leadership positions.

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