Read Thoughts Like An Open Book 7 TIPS !?

4- Learn the language of the eyes.

Studies confirm that the eye is the mirror of the soul and in particular the pupil of the eye, as a Japanese study has shown that if a person falls into confusion and deep reflection, the pupil expands enormously and also widens when it meets someone for the first time, but it shrinks considerably if the brain is filled with a large amount of information, and if you notice When you meet a person for the first time that the student remains broad, it’s a sure proof that you made a very good impression and the opposite is true.

5- Breathing provides several important keys

If you watch the other person breathe, you will have an open book about that person and you will be able to read what’s inside, for example:
✓ If the same person leaves the chest directly, it means that this person is completely relaxed.
✓ If a person breathes a little deeper, it means that they feel nervous about something.
✓ If the breaths are successive, it means that this person is nervous and may hide something that he does not want you to see, or he may be ashamed of you or be uncomfortable with you.
✓ If the breath comes out of the abdomen, it often means that it is in a calm state and that talking to you is characterized by honesty.

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