Read Thoughts Like An Open Book 7 TIPS !?

Have you ever wished you could read the thoughts of your friend, manager, or relative? Certainly, a large percentage of people had high expectations. If we can do it, we can avoid misunderstandings about the behavior and words of others, but can we read what’s going on in the minds of others, like the book we read easily? In this article, we will cover seven psychological tips through which you can easily read and feel the thoughts of others:

7 incredible tips to understand yourself to easily understand people

Some people believed that reading and understanding other people’s ideas required special and complex skills, but modern science had another opposite view! This question can happen very easily, which is why a group of scientists has worked together to discover the ways that facilitate reading others since this question is of great importance for communicating more deeply with others and anticipating their actions. The future, and in fact, these scientists have accomplished easy psychological tricks that do this.

1- Do not release negative energy

If you are in a bad mood and you feel nervous, do not export this energy to the other, because it will reflect this negative feeling in him and you will then not know how to communicate with him, and that is what psychologists have confirmed this through numerous investigations in this case. , who confirmed that if the person has met another person and the first person is calm and relaxed, they will be able to meet the other without making a little effort, and if the usual phrase has been replaced at the start of any meeting a person who is “How are you? With the phrase” It seems calm today and high morale “, it will increase positive energy and it will become easy to read others and to train you, dear reader, in that, do not hesitate to respond to who asks how you are doing by providing an honest answer.

2 – Spend enough time with the other person

Yes, this is the most effective trick, because spending enough time with the other party in a pleasant night or a long trip will allow better recognition and the duration determined by psychologists starts from four hours and lasts up to a year.
Because spending this long time will make predicting that person’s reaction and attributes or imperfections as clear as glass, but the goal is not only to spend time, but that time must accompany a continuous and fruitful dialogue so that the psychological perceptions become clear This person, many people spent time with other people, but unfortunately, they could not know What was on in there each other’s mind.

3- Listen to the sound

You don’t just like what words say; rather listen to the tone of the voice because it carries the keys of the mysteries and deciphers the enchantments of the other person, then listen to the tone at the speed of the word, and it is the first key which is if the speech is fast, This person is often nervous and vice versa, and maybe that. The trick requires realistic judgment and a little care so as not to make a bad judgment.

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