Simple Ways, Makes You Train Your Mind To Think Faster And Remember More.

4-Play simple sport

Although exercise is a physical exercise that improves a person’s physical condition, it also has an effect on the physical fitness of the mind, improves the brain and brain performance, and a set of studies has shown that; If a person performs a simple exercise of any kind every day for three hours, this significantly improves brain functions, especially memory.
Because it helps the mind to create new nerve connections, allowing it to learn things quickly, and the percentage of attention will also increase, and scientists have given the elderly and the sick the simplest and easiest sport. simpler, which is to move. the body to the left and the right for three hours a day and constantly improve. Memory and learning.

5-Download the brain training app

Of course, it’s not the name of the app, but there are a lot of apps interested in helping people train and develop intelligence, brain, and memory, and in fact, these apps have recorded large proportions of success in helping people improve memory, learning and thinking quickly.

6-Learn something new

Learning something new is up to a hundred percent effective tool for improving brain performance, especially if someone is learning a different language. Anatomical studies of the brain have shown that when a person begins to learn a language he did not know, brain cells will immediately go to cell growth. New, completely different from existing to find different ways of thinking in the new language, and the brain will invent new ways for it to express itself in the new language.

7-Do something multiple times

Psychologists have confirmed that if a person repeats something several times, they will make sure their brain cells are relaxed and spoiled, and they gave a little example that a four-year-old boy is strong enough to hold a spoon to eat.
However, the first time a disaster occurs at the table, but when the act is repeated while holding the same spoon, it improves until it reaches its normal form, and the reason is that The child’s strength hasn’t changed, but his habit of repeating the act has caused the neurons in the brain to adjust that. Act to obtain a satisfactory result.

8-Exercise memory continuously

Bournemouth University scientist Andrew Johnson says he concluded that; When students are asked to take pictures of their minds of where they are, they notice that they associate the place with certain information to stay in their memory, and this is the best exercise to encourage brain cells. to develop. again, especially the cells responsible for memory and learning.


“It’s like the smarter you are, the more things can scare you.”
― Katherine Paterson, Bridge to Terabithia

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