Simple Ways, Makes You Train Your Mind To Think Faster And Remember More.

Is there training for the mind to think quickly and remember things more? We all know that if we want to train the body and the muscles, we all go to the gym, but if we want to train the mind so that it can do different tasks better and at a faster pace, what should we do?
To answer this question, a study has appeared in the scientific community, confirming that there are exercises that can be applied to the brain to significantly improve the performance of the mind. This study has been applied through certain stages, in which a person can make his mind work at a better place, and this is from a few simple steps, but they produce excellent results, it is what We will meet in the next lines.

Simple ways to train the mind to remember and think faster
Many of us are exposed to embarrassing situations, such as meeting a person for the first time and knowing their name, and after a period of knowing them again and not remembering or knowing their name. , in fact, the brain, in this case, can be trained to learn quickly and remember more effectively, and this is confirmed by the confirmed American study. Performing at Boston University, and confirmed that brain training is not a difficult thing, but should be implemented continuously, and these steps are as follows:

1-Eat chocolate and healthy food

Dark chocolate, along with fish, vegetables, and fruit, is one of the most beneficial foods for brain health and for working almost perfectly effectively, and if we speak specifically of chocolate, we will find that it improves the different functions of the brain, especially the areas of happiness in it.
When an individual consumes a small piece of dark chocolate, the brain simultaneously produces the hormone dopamine, which helps to remember and learn quickly, and this is not arbitrary, but because dark chocolate contains an antioxidant called Flavo Knowles, and this antidote has the sole function of improving general brain function.

2-Avoid solving crosswords

Several recent studies have appeared which confirm the opposite of people’s belief that crosswords develop intelligence and memory, and train the mind to retrieve information quickly. The study confirmed that crossword puzzles do not improve the brain at all, but are not among the tools used by medicine. Speak in a memory exercise.
When crosswords were used in a segment of people to know their effects, the result was shocking, as it confirmed that the work of the mind stops developing if the crosswords are used, because the mechanism of thought stops and becomes a mechanism.
In the sense that it becomes automatic and does not make any mental effort if you are addicted to solving crossword puzzles, it is recommended to start looking for an alternative activity that improves the brain because the crossword puzzle will make you forget your name!

3-Spend time with the person you love

If you want to develop the brain’s ability to remember and learn quickly and strongly, you need to make sure that your relationship with loved ones is continuous and regular. A study has shown that sitting down with a loved one and having a chat with them in a variety of areas increases recall by up to 80% AND the speed of learning reaches 90%.
Especially if this friend, relative or lover presented you with new information during the discussion, on the contrary, it was discovered that the person who thinks about his family loses his attention and his ability to remember up to twenty percent by day of his distance with them. This percentage of modern science has confirmed that she will only return if she merges with her family again.

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