Do We Need Friends In Life?! Are They Really Important?!

“Make friends before you need them”

Friendship is a way of life and a language of understanding with others …

Many people live their entire lives with a few friends, and some may live their lives without friends. They have no one to share their happy moments with and relieve them in times of stress.
They have no one to worry about their chests when they face life’s ups and downs.
No people to help them when they need it.

There is another type of person whose lives are full of colors of friends, there are many people in their lives of all kinds and classes.
You see them make friends with almost everyone they meet, talk to the grocer about their children, kindly thank the newspaper vendor, and greet the bus driver on their behalf … their lives are full of much knowledge.

These kinds of people make life easier for them, their hearts are lighter, and their minds are less concerned with life’s problems and worries because they empty their negative feelings and melt their problems by talking and communicating with people.
You see them as healthier and more active, as they accept life’s difficulties more easily and overcome their crises more quickly.
When they encounter a problem they don’t know who to talk to help them get over it, or when they need advice, there is always someone to pay for.

Friendship is not a luxury or a characteristic that some people possess, but it is a necessity of life and a basic human necessity.
Without responding to these needs, our internal balance is upset, many aspects of our lives are upset, and problems and crises increase without realizing that they are directly related to this deficiency in our lives.
Friendship brings new ideas and different solutions. Having friendships in our lives makes it easier to enter new experiences, like learning a certain hobby from a friend, like playing games or working on a program on a computer …

It also made doing joint activities easier and more fun, like exercising or joining a course.
Simply walking down the street with a friend or group of friends gives confidence and makes everything easier, fun and enjoyable, like going to the movies or shopping.
We need friends to share our happy moments and happy occasions because that makes our lives more valuable and gives us the feeling of being desirable and there are those who care about us.

“Every person you meet is a friend project!”

Therefore, always pay attention to your behavior with others and limit your interaction with them to what promotes the values ​​of friendship.
That is, ask yourself before you say or do something, does it do what I will say or do, does it strengthen the relationship with the opposite person, or can it harm you in some way?