In my experience, it’s easier to form friends traveling alone than with other people!! I promise if you’re on a solo trip, you’ll only be alone if you would like to be alone. I’m usually swatting potential friends away half the time, lol.

Staying at a hostel is the single easiest method to form friends when traveling alone. It’s just about impossible to not make friends, but some quick tips:
-Post up at the hostel bar if there’s one
-Take part in organized events like walking tours and bar crawls
-Introduce yourself to your roommates – ask if they know anything fun to try to nearby, make conversation. I make most of my friends this way!
-A smile 🙂 I even have major resting bitch face and have noticed nobody approaches me once I have my Face on lol. When I’m relaxed, people always come to ask me

If you’re not at a hostel, here’s a couple of things that have worked for me:

-Going on an area walking tour or food tour is typically a fool-proof thanks to meet people
-Sitting at a bar (bar-bar OR restaurant bar) and making conversation with people
-Chatting up people you see alone at tourist attractions
-Taking a cooking class or performing some other fun activity!
-Posting on FB groups


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