1-Not enough planning.
To some, planning is nearly the maximum amount of fun as traveling. Not so on my behalf of me. I prefer traveling without an idea. However, there’s a particular amount of designing that’s important. Do your research and know the risks of your destination before you arrive by checking your government’s travel advisory page. Know what documents you will need to enter your destination, how you will get there, where you’ll spend the primary night, and the way you’ll buy things. These are the very basics of designing required.
2-Arriving at a replacement destination after dark.
This is an error I made in Havana in 2006. I even have not made it since because they are often really unnerving. Schedule your arrival during a new location early — well before dark so that you’ll find your accommodation in daylight and have time to vary it if you are not happy.
3-Traveling without insurance.
I never travel without travel insurance and it is a good thing. because of insurance I’ve had a pair of glasses replaced that were lost within the UK – $300. I had a crown fixed that had come off a tooth in Sydney – $272. I used to be refunded for a flight to Peru that I couldn’t take thanks to my mother’s health – $1,100. Read: Going Alone? Travel Insurance may be a Must.

4-Ignoring maps.
Studying a map to urge a way of your destination before you go is time rather well spent. Knowing what’s north vs. south and east vs. west will assist you to navigate a city with greater ease. Knowing areas you’ll want to avoid will help keep you safe.
5-Being too polite.
We are trained to be polite and to stay our voices down publicly, but if you’re being bothered by someone your best defense is to talk up. Yell, if necessary. Drawing the eye of others usually resolves such problems quickly. Before leaving home, take a while in your basement or another appropriate place to seek out your loud voice. Practice yelling.
6-Using public Wi-Fi without security.
Public Wi-Fi is simply that: public. As a result, personal data are often stolen once you use it. In some cases, the info isn’t that important, but if you’re booking an area together with your Mastercard or signing into an internet site you’ll be making a gift of crucial information. the answer is to use a VPN which is an app that will be added to your phone, tablet, and/or computer. Read: VPN for Travel: What, Why and a simple Setup Guide
7-Becoming too friendly with a replacement acquaintance.
A new friend during a new land can’t be read an equivalent way as someone from home. they’ll seem great but you do not know them and you do not have an equivalent back-up resources you’d reception. It’s really important to always stay during a public place with a replacement acquaintance.
8-Being out of touch.
Traveling untethered may be a great feeling. But if something were to travel wrong, it might be good if others knew where to seek out you. Stay in-tuned with home a method or another, daily. Read: Use Your Phone Anywhere within the World: Free and Low-cost Options
9-Looking lost.
If you are feeling lost or unsure of something, don’t stand around looking vulnerable. shop around with purpose and draw on the support of strangers that you simply choose, not those who choose you. I tend to seem for a family.
10-Flashing expensive items or jewelry.                                                                    this is often an enormous mistake. Don’t attract the eye of pickpockets and thieves. Read: Protect Yourself from Pickpockets: Keep Cards & Cash Safe.
11-Distorted priorities.
The hierarchy of safety priorities is: 1) your person, 2) your documents, 3) your money, and 4) your stuff. Money is more important than your expensive camera, your documents are more important than money, and your personality, your body is more important than anything. attempt to keep everything safe, but if something has got to go, confirm it is the right thing.

12-Too little sleep or an excessive amount of to drink.
Exhaustion or being even a touch drunk can compromise your judgment. Being alert is vital. Always remember your surroundings, where the exits are, who is with you, and various landmarks to orient yourself. Don’t enter unfamiliar areas taking note of music through earphones or talking on your phone so that you’re and appearance distracted. It causes you to a mark.
13-Being lax about security.
This is a clear point. Lock your room carefully. confirm that the door closes behind you. Use your room safe for your valuables when possible.
14-Traveling without a net.
You’re traveling solo but that does not mean that nobody should know where you’re. Let the hotel desk clerk or another trusted person know where you’re off to once you leave your hotel. You needn’t make an enormous distribution of it. Just an off-the-cuff comment about how excited you’re to ascertain this or that would be valuable information should something fail. Also, grab the card of your hotel so that you’ve got its name and address you within the local language.
15-Going too solo. Be trackable.
If you’re going for and for a short time, confirm you register together with your government as a citizen abroad.
16-Ignoring your instincts.
This is likely the most important mistake you’ll make as a solo traveler. If your instincts are telling you that something or someone isn’t right, trust them. Leave the person or situation.
Traveling solo may be a wonderful experience but you, alone are liable for your safety. Take excellent care.


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