Will Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

Since the spread of the Internet, the voices of workers in the field of digital marketing have begun to increase, as it has begun to promote that traditional marketing is taking its last steps, and given the global events that transport people very quickly via the Internet. The cry that traditional marketing is dead has grown louder, but does that mean traditional marketing is really over?

About three in four prefer to recognize products through content rather than traditional advertising, and for 10 people, six of them said that watching a video on Facebook had affected the purchase decision in the past 30 days. ; but we all say: we hate television commercials.

With virtual events and video calls gaining popularity in the early 2020s, along with a significant drop in passenger traffic, traditional ads, like radio ads, have dramatically declined, making it seem like digital marketing will continue to grow. while traditional marketing weakens.
However, almost 80% of families say: At least they look at the direct mail ads they receive, and more than half of people say they trust print marketing materials more than any other type, so We are back to the starting point: will marketing become a digital Boutique Traditional Boutique?

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