This simple ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS smoothie drink helps the body detox itself and aids fat burning!


Simply blend ingredients and drink it every morning.

You will feel better after just a few days, but it takes a few weeks to ascertain weight loss.

These are ingredients:

1 lime
1 smaller cucumber
1 green apple
Why does it work?

All three ingredients aid weight loss and help with digestion and constipation.

Lime benefits
constipation relief
prevents fatigue
relieves heartburn
improves gum health
prevents peptic ulcers
improves eye health
rejuvenates skin
improves respiratory disorders
reduces body odor
lowers vital sign
improves digestion
helps regulate sugar levels
speeds up healing
soothes tract infections
relieves congestion
balance ph
improves liver function
reduces oxidative stress
Cucumber benefits
aids weight loss
flushes out toxins
promotes hair growth
reduces cholesterol
controls vital sign
prevents headaches
cures diabetes
relieves joint pain
promotes digestion
Green apple benefits
aids weight loss
aids digestion
controls blood glucose levels
lowers cholesterol
improve bone health
manages diabetes
cleanses liver and colon


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