Vitamins and oils are important for nail health


Every woman cares a lot about her nails, to maintain her health and attractive appearance, so it is important to take care of some vitamins and oils.

Most women think that nail health is limited only to how they are handled and external attention, which is incorrect.

The truth is that the strength of the nails and their good appearance are affected by the diet and the foods and vitamins we eat, as this is the first factor to keep them healthy.

As the health of the nails is a reflection of what is happening inside the body, and this applies to the skin and hair as well.
Therefore, be sure to eat all the important nutrients to ensure the health and appearance of the nails are preserved.

Vitamins are important for nail health
Here are the most important vitamins and minerals that must be obtained to maintain healthy nails:

1- Calcium
Calcium is known to help bone growth, and is also important for healthy nails, as it prevents them from breaking and keeps them strong.

And if there are white points on the nails, this indicates a lack of calcium.

Calcium is found in many foods such as yogurt, milk, eggs, orange juice, kale, and broccoli.

2- Iron
Iron deficiency is one of the main causes of weak nails and they’re easy to break.

Iron can be obtained from several foods such as leafy vegetables, most notably spinach, in addition to breakfast cereals, shellfish, white beans, dark chocolate, and beef liver.

Iron deficiency may be linked to low protein, and hence the importance of eating chickpeas, lentils, and almonds.

3- Vitamin B12
In addition to helping absorb iron, vitamin B12 is necessary to create red blood cells that help support cells and promote healthy nails.

It is also important to maintain its strength with age.

There are many sources of vitamin B12 such as shellfish, beef liver, and salmon.

4- Folic acid
Folate is an important source of red blood cell formation, which provides oxygen to support the formation of new cells and thus maintain healthy nails.

Be sure to eat beef liver, spinach, black-eyed peas, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts, as these are foods rich in folic acid.

5- Biotin
Biotin helps create keratin, which is important for healthy nails, skin, and hair.

Nails can appear dry and easy to break in the event of a lack of biotin in the body.

There are many sources of biotin, most notably beef liver, eggs, whole grains, soybeans, poultry, dairy, and salmon.

6- Vitamin A.
Vitamin A plays an important role in the growth of cells in various parts of the body.

Therefore, making sure to eat foods rich in vitamin A, will ensure that the strength of nails is preserved and not easily broken.

Vitamin A is available in asparagus, fish oil, whale liver oil, beef liver, carrots, leafy vegetables, and egg yolks.

Essential oils for nail health
Some oils help protect the nails from breakage and maintain their strength, which are:

Bitter almond oil: Bitter almond oil helps to grow nails better, as it is a natural moisturizer for the skin and protects it from drying out, thus reducing the chances of broken nails.
Lemon oil: It is recommended to apply lemon oil to the nails to protect them from yellowing and maintain their shiny appearance, as it prevents their breakage and helps their growth.
Lavender oil: It is an important oil to promote nail growth, and it also helps in fighting bacteria and germs that can affect the area around the nails.
Olive oil: Olive oil is used to maintain the strength and shine of nails, and therefore it is advised to apply it to nails daily before bed.
Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil is one of the most important oils for healthy nails, as it helps moisturize and prevent their breakage, and reduces the dry and cracked appearance around them.


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