Onions reduce the risk of bowel cancer


You may avoid eating onions because of the associated halitosis, but after this news, you will definitely change your mind.

A new study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology revealed that eating onions would reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

The researchers based on the study pointed out that garlic vegetables, which include onions and garlic of various kinds, help significantly protect against bowel cancer, and thus enhance their health.

The researchers reached this study after targeting more than 1,600 participants, and they observed that those who consumed this type of vegetable had a reduced risk of bowel cancer by approximately 79%.

The researchers pointed out that there are active substances in these vegetables, which have been found to have a role in protecting against prostate and breast cancer as well.

The chances of protection from these cancers increase with the increase in the daily intake of vegetables of this type specifically.

Finally, the researchers explained that the method of cooking this type of vegetable has a significant impact on this relationship, and it was found that boiling it reduces the percentage of beneficial substances while eating it raw is the best way to enjoy the health benefits associated with it.


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