Danger threatens the presence of bananas in the world


Can you imagine the world without bananas in it? Is this possible at all? What happens and what is the danger facing bananas?

There is a type of deadly fungus found in Colombia, which is the sixth funded by bananas in the world, and this fungus threatens the presence of bananas throughout the world.

This species of fungi reached Latin America and is the habitat of bananas in the world.

Where the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture announced several days ago that it had found a type of poisonous fungus, called TR4, and called on farmers to dispose of their crops in these places.

Unfortunately, specialists are concerned about the possibility of getting rid of this type of fungus.

This fungus was first discovered in 1989 in Taiwan, and then in other countries such as Lebanon, India, and Australia.

This mushroom travels through the soil and is easily transmitted through tractors and the shoes of workers on the ground, and it can remain dormant for several years so that it can enter the banana roots through the water in order to absorb the nutrients contained in it.

Specialists noted that it is difficult to know how long this type of fungus was present, and this prompted farmers to dispose of the crop and destroy it.

Specialists reported that this epidemic would change the nature of bananas that we know permanently!


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